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Clean & Reliable - no Viruses or Spyware

New viruses & spyware are written every day, all wanting to attack your PC. Instead of getting your computer cleaned of malware every year, upgrade your computer so that it simply will not catch viruses or spyware any more. Ubuntu Linux is invulnerable to the thousands of MS-Windows viruses and spyware programs on the constant prowl.

A useful economical computer

Residential Special For $125, you will have the following software installed by Whizman:

Extra services available for an additional fee:

You can download CDs and install Linux yourself, or Whizman can provide installation service.

"What if I Want to Keep my Existing System?"

Whizman can install programs such as these on your existing MS-Windows or GNU/Linux system:

Function Product Compare Install Service
Office documents OpenOffice MS Office / Corel Ofc. $50
Web Browser Mozilla Firefox MS Internet Explorer $25
Email Mozilla Thunderbird Eudora / Outlook Exp. $25
Photo Editing GNU Image PhotoShop $50
Artwork/Logos Inkscape Illustrator from $40
Web Authoring Nvu Frontpage/et-al. $30
Finance GnuCash Quicken & QuickBooks from $30
AntiVirus ClamWin no required subscription $30
Mozilla Combo Firefox + T'bird MSIE + OE $40
Love Netscape? Seamonkey Web+Mail Netscape Communicator $40
Grand Combo Four or more $100-$200

Inquire about software packages for other specific needs, or installation on MacOSX. If you run Linux, you probably have all the above-listed programs already included, but let Whizman help if you would like to upgrade certain programs to a newer version, without upgrading the whole distribution (alternately, have us do the complete upgrade). All prices are in U.S. dollars (USD).

Important: if you don't do anything else today, at least get Firefox!


"It's pretty cool. Not having Windows Withdrawals at all."
— Whizman customer Brian, on Mandriva Linux

"I loaded OpenOffice, Firefox, and the photo editing software ... I have to say, I am impressed with all three."
— Whizman customer Jason, on running above-listed programs (on Windows)

"If you use a Windows personal computer to access the Internet, your personal files, your privacy and your security are all in jeopardy. An international criminal class of virus writers, hackers, digital vandals and sleazy businesspeople wakes up every day planning to attack your PC.
And the company that controls the Windows platform, Microsoft, has made this too easy to do by carelessly opening numerous security holes in the operating system and its Web browser. Even if you install the recent Service Pack 2 update to Windows XP, you will still be vulnerable."
Walter Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal

"The U.S. government's Computer Emergency Readiness Team [Department of Homeland Security] is warning Web surfers to stop using Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser."
InternetNews & US-CERT

"The big questions facing anyone considering adopting open source software are: does it work, is it reliable, is it useful? On all these points, 1.1 delivers."
Rupert Goodwins, ZDNet UK

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Prices quoted above include on-site service within the city of Redlands California and surrounding Inland Empire areas. Outside the normal service area, an on-site fee may apply (quote will be provided on request). Prices quoted above apply for personal, non-commercial use only; separate pricing may apply to business, including businesses based in a home office. Unless backup service is requested, it is assumed that you have backed up all your data before service is rendered in complete-system upgrades. Certain system requirements apply (approximately: 400-MHz processor, 256M RAM, 5G free disk space, CDROM). If you don't know whether your computer meets these requirements, we can check it. Not all systems may be compatible with the software provided; we will check compatibility before performing service. Service fee is for service only, and no software is sold or licensed for a fee; all the software that we install is Free and/or Open-Source software which we have permission to redistribute to you without license fee.