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We do not collect information about you when you interact with the website, except:

  1. If you email us or submit the contact form, we will respond appropriately, and keep your message (which ordinarily contains your name and contact information) on file.
  2. Normal non-personal information in web server logs. Our use of the logs is for web site statistics as displayed by the awstats program. We may at any time choose to use a different program to generate statistics from web server logs. Our web hosting company does of course have access to the logs. No one else has access. The logs and statistics do not contain personal or contact information.

We will not add you to any email list unless you opt in. Requests to remove you from a mail list to which you have opted in, will be honored. At this time we do not in fact use any email lists.

We will never give complete identifying information, or contact information, about you to anyone (unless you specifically ask us to). We will never sell your personal information to anyone.

In the case where we give you a referral to a business contact for certain requested services, we will give vague and incomplete information about you to that business partner. If you choose in fact to contact the referred business, this will help establish that we referred you. However, we will not give the referred business sufficient information such that they could try to solicit you (unless you specifically ask us to).

We do not sell aggregate information about visitors to the website.